Monday, November 5, 2012

Immunizations At An Urgent Care Clinic

There are several benefits of getting immunizations done at a local urgent care clinic. Whether you need them done today or just do not have a regular doctor to see, you should consider this option. Best of all, it may work well for your entire family since many clinics offer medical treatment to people of all ages.
One benefit of this option is that you can get the immunizations you need today. Perhaps you need to get them before you travel and simply forgot about this requirement that is in place for some countries. Maybe your children need them before starting sports and forgot to tell you ahead of time. No matter the reason for needing last minute shots, an urgent care clinic should be able to fit you in today. Most have evening hours, so even if you do not realize your medical needs until after work or school, you can still get the services you need the same day. Of course, you may also be able to make an appointment if you are not in a hurry.
If you do not currently have a regular doctor, you might not know where to go for immunizations. Clinics do not require you to be a patient first, so you should be able to go even if you do not have a practitioner currently. The same goes for your whole family. Plus, you should find that the wait is about the same as what you could expect from a regular doctor's office, unlike the emergency room.
In addition, immunizations at urgent care centers are often cheaper than you might find at a hospital or even at a doctor's office. You should typically not have to pay the same co-pays you would owe with an emergency room visit, and your fee may even be less than with a regular practitioner. Urgent care centers often try to have affordable fees since they know families need medical treatment, even if they do not have much money. Plus, most clinics of this type accept the majority of insurance plans, so you should not have to pay out of pocket if you have insurance coverage.
Clearly, there are some good reasons to go to your local clinic when you or your children need immunizations. If you want to save some time or money, or need some last minute help, you should consider a clinic near you. Just call first to make sure the one closest to you offers this kind of care and takes your insurance coverage.