Monday, August 20, 2012

Three Natural Solutions

Dealing with daily pain, either mild or severe, wears on the body as a whole as well as a person's spirit. While medication is available in the form of over the counter aids as well as prescription strength remedies, these cures quickly become destructive and discouraging to endure with endless regimens of pill swallowing. While medication may seem like the only solution to dull relentless pain, there are other proven and significant methods of control and combating pain that require no medication. Centuries of practice and research have shown that certain activities such as yoga, massage and acupuncture are equally, if not more, effective in treating and repressing chronic pain. These 3 natural solutions to pain relief are real.
The body is a great network of nerves, all reacting individually to different types of stimulus. While medication acts in ways to stop theses nerves from firing messages of pain, methods such as massage act to sooth the pain and release endorphins. Endorphins are a natural component of the body and are released when the body experiences pleasure. There endorphins also counteract the strength of pain. This is why professionally administer massage is not only effective, it is proven to reduce and eliminate pain. As the muscles are massaged, they secrete endorphins and other chemicals into the body in ways that naturally relieve stress and pain. Stress is absorbed deep in muscle tissue. When it is not released, it causes muscle pain in the neck, shoulders and back and can even cause migraines. Allowing muscles to purge themselves of this unnecessary build up of toxins lets the body relax and ultimately manages pain. When muscles are not concentrated with all of these stressful contaminants, flexibility is improved and people are given a greater range of motion. This is crucial to those that have difficulty performing daily activities without experiencing pain.
Yoga is another excellent method of personally achieving inner peace both mentally and physically. While it may seem like an activity for those that are physically fit, yoga is a meditative exercise that is slow, methodic and slowly stretches the muscles. Even those with limited mobility due to disability or even obesity are able to engage in this exercise and stretch muscles in ways that transforms overall mobility. Yoga focuses on the increase of musculosketal flexibility and range of motion. Many people after a few weeks of yoga are able to stretch in ways that gymnasts have trained to their whole life. Throughout the process of allowing gravity to relax muscles and to control the mind, respiratory and cardiovascular systems can recalibrate and become more efficient. Again, this is a proven and natural process where the body, through deep relaxation, is able to heal daily pains.
Acupuncture is the final method of naturally relive pain with the guided hand of a professional, but without the assistance of medication. Nerves are targeted through acupuncture and are activated by needle placement allowing the body to purposely release chemicals that reduce stress and pain. Deemed effective for treating over 28 conditions by the World Health Org including migraines, pain related to cancer treatments and back pain, acupuncture is a significant and real solution to everyday pain.
Consider natural alternatives to pain relieve that have centuries of proven results. Medications for pain are often ineffective and addictive and cause addition internal issues. Allow the body to maximize its capabilities by releasing its' own natural hormones and relieving the stress and pain that is it experiencing.

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