Monday, September 10, 2012

Laser Hair Removal for Dark, Coarse Hair

Laser hair removal is now seen as a very important part of the dermatological means of aesthetic care or one's beauty regime. It's been growing in popularity since the mid 1990's, which also coincides with the growth and continuous boom in non-surgical cosmetic procedures. There are a wider range of men and women that relish in the physical appeal and confidence derived from getting non-surgical cosmetic work done. Permanent changes may not produce consistent results for each patient because of the variation in tools, surgeon experience and patient body type, but non-surgical procedures can provide gentler options. With laser hair removal, there is a standard of care to be expected because this area of dermatological enhancement has designated skin types, hair types and the correlating hair removal treatments for the best results.
Frankly, patient treatment methods begin with their skin type. This helps determine the laser method and application that will be safest on their skin and most effective on their body hair. Dermatologists use this information to predict how a patient's skin will respond to sun exposure and therefore the laser light. A chart is used to organize data about skin types from white to dark brown/black. White skin is separated into three categories for the Caucasian skin and then ethnic men and women with white skin. They range in sun responses from burning and never truly tanning to being able to tan with minimal chances of burning. There are also categories for patients with light brown to black skin who tan but rarely burn, if ever. Anyone in any of these skin types can possess coarse, dark hair and require a solution for those unwanted strains.
There are several laser hair removal methods for each skin type and accompanying hair thicknesses and therefore color. For dark, coarse hair which is commonly found on tan and brown skin, there are two laser hair removal methods but several devices under each that can get rid of the hair most effectively. In order of most effective use for darker, coarser hair would be the pulsed light/ultimate light method or the Nd: Yag Laser method, which are shown to be effective for all skin types and therefore any man or woman with the dark, coarse hair that has been discussed. The pulsed light method is listed first as the most effective because it is the fastest removal process, has the longest success rate and, miraculously, causes the least amount of pain. Sounds like a bargain for patients who have been trying to shave, wax and pluck away thick, stubborn hair for years.

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