Monday, October 29, 2012

Clinics Offer a Convenient Alternative

When patients aren't feeling well, walk in clinics often have the treatment they need. There are so many benefits to these types of facilities compared to the alternatives. The next time that you aren't feeling well remember that you don't have to call the doctor to schedule and appointment or wait a few hours in the hospital waiting room. You can see a physician, get a diagnosis and get information on how to take care of yourself.
Instead of the Doctor's Office
Have you ever had a tough time getting in to see your primary care physician? Do you need to call weeks in advance to get a regular appointment for your regular checkup? What happens when you wake up one morning and you just aren't feeling well? What happens when you are injured in an activity on a Friday afternoon or a Saturday morning? Instead of struggling to make arrangements with your doctor, walk in clinics provide the perfect alternative.
There is no need to make an appointment. If you don't feel well you can come by and see a doctor. You don't have to worry about whether or not your illness or injury merits the time it will take to see your primary care physician. You can come in right away, find out what is going on and receive treatment. Even if you just need a quick physical or the kids need immunizations, you may be able to stop by one of the urgent care facilities close by and get these things taken care of. Walk in clinics are a convenient alternative that fits into any family's schedule.
Instead of the Emergency Room
The wait time in an emergency room varies from location to location. While most facilities are open around the clock, they are not the best place to wait around to see a doctor. In severe situations, patients can wait hours before seeing anyone and even then, they may not be taken back to a room for quite some time after that. Because an emergency room is specifically for emergencies, if a patient arrives in an ambulance or has a more serious issue, everyone else is bumped back to care for this individual. While it makes sense medically, if you are a patient there is a good chance you are going to be experiencing some frustrating.
Walk in clinics are not meant for those suffering life-threatening emergencies. These cases are taken directly to the hospital. This instantly decreases the potential number of patients at these types of facilities. A set routine is established that involves taking incoming patients in for triage to assess what the problem is and what needs to happen next. From there, patients are called back to meet with a medical professional. Most people are out in a short time with a prescription, a remedy or some type of advice in hand.

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